Congenital Scoliosis in Edina, MN

Congenital Malformations That Can Lead to Scoliosis


To say that something is “congenital” implies that it is something present from birth. This category accounts for approximately 10% of all scoliosis cases.

There are a number of congenital malformations that can result in scoliosis. For example a person can be born with one leg substantially shorter than the other or can have a malformed or misshapen vertebrae. These vertebrae, sometimes called “hemi vertebra” or “wedge” vertebra, will cause the spine to curve above and below the deformity and cause scoliosis.

This CT reconstruction clearly shows a Wedge Vertebra with the scoliosis it creates.

  • Congenital scoliosis is the result of something that is present from birth.
  • Abnormalities in the way the spine is formed can create this type of scoliosis
  • A significant leg length inequality can also create scoliosis.

There are circumstances where a congenital deformity is significant enough to warrant surgical intervention.  There are many cases, however, where the scoliosis resulting from such congenital deformities can be managed and kept from getting worse. The team at ScoliTech will make a full assessment of the situation and recommend the most sensible course of action.

Correct the Curve

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