Leg Length as a Cause of Scoliosis in Edina, MN

Short Leg (Leg Length Inequality)


It is sometimes the case that a person has, either from birth and development or because of trauma, inequality of the length of their legs.  Under such circumstances, if the leg length inequality is great enough, the person may develop a scoliosis above that unlevel foundation.

It is common for people to have minor leg length inequalities, but sometimes such imbalances can be significant enough to cause the spine to curve above the pelvis as the body attempts to compensate for the unlevel foundation.  Such curves, while functional in nature, can, over time, take on the typical hallmarks of scoliosis, including spinal rotation.  In adolescents, the unequal forces applied to the spine can cause the curves to progress as the spine grows asymmetrically.  In adulthood, such scoliotic curves can also worsen because of how the unequal distribution of forces will accelerate degenerative changes.  Anatomical leg length inequality can happen because of trauma that disrupts the growth plates in the legs, or can be the result of developmental issues.

  • Having a short leg (leg length inequality) can cause spinal curves that can become scoliotic.
  • Leg length inequality can result from trauma or developmental issues.
  • Anatomical leg length inequality can cause scoliotic curves to progress rapidly in adolescents.
  • Leg length inequality accelerates spinal degeneration in adults and causes scoliosis to worsen over time.
  • Resolving or balancing leg length inequalities can correct or reduce scoliosis.

The team at ScoliTech is trained to properly assess leg length inequality as a factor in scoliosis cases.  By the proper application of a foot or shoe lift it is possible to correct or minimize the negative impact of functional scoliotic curves resulting from leg length inequality.

leg length x-ray
Without foot lift
leg length x-ray
With 22mm foot lift

Correct the Curve

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