KyphoBrace as Treatment of Kyphosis in Edina, MN

Sometimes a brace is required to treat kyphosis


Like scoliosis, sometimes kyphosis requires bracing because there is a need to create more sustained pressure on the curve. When bracing is needed, ScoliTech provides the revolutionary KyphoBrace which provides an individualized solution to kyphosis.

Spinal tissues are capable of being deformed; they can change shape. This applies to the ligaments that surround the spine, the muscles that support it, the disks that separate the bones, and even the bones themselves.  When kyphosis becomes large and there is a significant risk of progression bracing provides a good, conservative treatment option. At ScoliTech we offer a brace product called KyphoBrace. Each brace is custom made using the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing technology.  In most cases, with the aid of KyphoBrace, we are able to halt kyphosis progression and even correct it to some degree.

Adolescent with Kyphosis brace
Kyphosis brace side view
  • When kyphosis is large and progressive bracing is a good conservative option.
  • KyphoBrace is a highly effective treatment modality that can, in some cases, improve kyphosis.
  • KyphoBrace uses the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to deliver a fully custom brace.

We at ScoliTech are proud to be one of only a handful of providers in the upper Midwest who are trained and certified to deliver KyphoBrace to our patients. This product, particularly when combined with exercise and chiropractic care, is capable of changing the lives and long-term health outcomes of patients with kyphosis.

KyphoBrace for correction and treatment of Kyphosis

Correct the Curve

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