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My wife and I learned about the ScoliBrace after having it mentioned to us by a family chiropractor.  Our daughter, a toddler at the time, had severe scoliosis and kyphosis that was diagnosed at a year and a half years of age.  Our spinal surgeon had prescribed a brace to stabilize her condition for future surgical repair but after several months of use, the degree of severity increased and we were faced with the prospect of a body cast that would not be removable until she grew to the point that surgery would be an option.  Quality of life, as well as stabilizing our daughter’s condition, were both very important to us so we met with Dr. Fargo for the initial consultation and 3D mapping and just a short time later we received her first ScoliBrace.  After nearly a year of use it was determined that the ScoliBrace had stabilized the progression of the scoliosis and a short time later we had another ScoliBrace made since our daughter had outgrown her old one.  

For nearly two and a half years we were able to stop the progression of our daughter’s condition while maintaining a high quality of life for things such as bathing, swimming, and simply taking a break from using the brace for other medical treatments our daughter needs, such as a twice-daily respiratory vest compression treatment to help limit lung congestion and improve overall capacity, all things that would not have been possible with a body cast.  Dr. Fargo and his team worked to fine-tune the ScoliBrace as needed for things such as our daughter’s feeding tube and to ensure there were no issues with various positions, such as addressing excess material that would have inhibited her from being seated, and ensuring full motion control for both arms.  He was also very accommodating when it came to clinical visits to allow for privacy and limited exposure to our daughter and her compromised immune system.  My wife and I were very thankfully to have found the ScoliBrace and for our daughter to be under Dr. Fargo’s care.  An untold number of positive experiences were gained by having a brace that could be removed when needed and this brace allowed our daughter to grow and strengthen, all while being properly supported, while we awaited further surgical intervention.    

Thank you again.  

AJ Lindell

diagnosing scoliosis in a young adult female

I happened to stumble across Dr. Tim Fargo and Chiropractic Health & Wellness while wandering around the 50th & France Open Street Day earlier this fall. Little did I know just how fortunate I was to have stopped by and engaged in conversation with Dr. Fargo!
I began my treatments a week later. I was a mess. I had severe shoulder, neck, and back issues. I had lost much of my flexibility and spent much of the time with aches and pains. CP & W took the time to evaluate my needs and construct a treatment program designed specifically for me.
This series of treatments included adjustments and exercise. However, it also included therapy sessions that helps to realign skeletal structure.
I am amazed that within just a few short weeks, both my neck and shoulder are doing so much better. I have not had a headache in weeks. I also feel like I could throw a ball without having to favor my shoulder for the first time in 20 years. Moreover, I have now had periods of time where my back has not been aching…something it had done non-stop for 3 years.
Thanks Dr. Fargo! You have found yourself a life-long client.

Mark R. Stromberg

Scoliosis ScoliBrace young man back view

Miraculous!  If I had to choose one word to describe my experience with my ScoliBrace, that would be it!

Almost four years ago, Dr. Tim Fargo noticed that my posture had changed.  He did X-rays and diagnosed me with both scoliosis and a kyphosis.  We started postural exercises, but nothing changed.  Then, he learned about the ScoliBrace.

He explained it to me this way:  “If you were 12 years old, I’d say we can have this resolved in 6-12 months.  At 70, it won’t get any better, but it will keep it from getting any worse.”  That seemed like a plan to me.

He did all of the measurements and films and ordered it.  When it arrived, he did a fabulous and thorough job of fitting it to me precisely.

I have worn it six hours a day faithfully now for 3 1/2 years.  After the first three months, he did repeat X-rays and discovered the curvature was 50% better!  That was not supposed to happen, but I will take it!

People have asked me how long I need to wear it.  I reply, “For the rest of my life.”

People have also asked if I have less pain.  The truth is that Dr. Fargo caught my scoliosis before I had pain, so I am still pain-free and plan to remain that way.  

I have some clothes that I wear the first six hours I am awake that cover the brace and accommodate my wider waist when I am in the brace.  Elastic waist pants or shorts or skirts are my friend.  Tops that come up close to my neck and cover my upper arms work perfectly.  What a modest accommodation.

I have high energy and tremendous optimism and joy, even in pandemic times.  Dr. Fargo and the Scoli Brace have made all of the difference in my life.  If you are considering this for yourself, I am happy to have you contact me for more details.  May it make the same dramatic difference for you that it has made for me.


Scoliosis treatment consultation, x-rays and brace

Thank you so much for checking in. There are a lot of updates with Claire.  This summer Claire did have back surgery.  Her kyphosis was at 107 degrees.  The back of her skull was touching her back/spine. Her scoliosis remained at 65 degrees with the help of the Scoli brace. We chose the operation because she was no longer able to keep her head up and engage with others. 
The results of the surgery have helped Claire significantly.  Her kyphosis is at 72 degrees and her scoliosis is at 31 degrees.  Claire’s surgery consisted of a spine fusion with a halo, and then six weeks later a growth rod.
We are so grateful for everything you have done for Claire.  The Scoli Brace worked so well for her and gave her time to grow to get the strength she needed for a surgery of that magnitude. If it wasn’t for the kyphosis we would have continued with the brace.   
Thank you for everything you have done for our family.  We could not have done it without you.  You are appreciated.