Treatment of Kyphosis in Edina, MN

Options for treatment at ScoliTech


The treatment that is most appropriate and effective for kyphosis is largely dependent on its cause and severity.  The goal of treatment is, at minimum, to relieve pain and other symptoms and, at maximum, to actually correct the kyphosis.

Whether a kyphosis can be corrected, and to what degree, depends on whether there is an actual structural deformity of the bone.  If there is a wedge deformity such as might occur with fracture, congenital malformation or Scheurmann’s kyphosis, the goal of treatment is to prevent progression, relieve pain, and improve posture as much as possible.  With postural kyphosis the goal is to fully correct the condition. Some or all of the following treatment modalities are employed with kyphosis:

  • Ergonomic assessment and correction to assure that work and life activities are not creating or aggravating the condition.
  • Exercise to increase postural strength, balance muscles from front to back and increase the flexibility of the curve.
  • Chiropractic treatment to increase mobility and stimulate the nervous system to help maintain the postural changes.
  • Traction therapies, both at home and in-office, to elongate ligaments on the front of the spine that have shortened in response to the hunched posture.
  • Bracing is sometimes indicated when the kyphosis is large and the risk of progression is great.

At ScoliTech our team is committed to doing everything we can to correct your kyphosis. We utilize a range of therapies, sometimes including bracing, to reduce pain, correct postural distortions and prevent the progression of kyphosis.

83 degree curve before treatment x-ray
83 degree curve before treatment


67 Degree curve after treatment x-ray
67 degree curve after treatment


Correct the Curve

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