Scoliosis Treatment Options in Edina, MN

Custom Treatment Plans for Each Scoliosis Diagnosis


Scoliosis is not just a single condition. There is a wide range of curve severity, causes, and risk of progression in scoliosis cases. Similarly, there is an equally wide range of treatment options.

In the mildest cases, and ones with a relatively low risk of progression, the recommended treatment is simply observation and conservative therapies such as exercise specific to scoliosis and also scoliosis- specific spinal adjustments. As curves become larger, and progression risk greater, traction therapy is often indicated and is most effective when combined with exercise and adjustments. As progression risk increases, and curves become larger and less stable, bracing is usually indicated. At the far end of the spectrum it is sometimes necessary to perform spinal fusion surgery with large and progressive curves. This is a treatment of last resort, but can prevent heart and lung issues, and severe postural deformity.

  • The treatment that is most appropriate depends on the patient’s age, curve magnitude, risk of progression and the presence of pain and deformity.
  • Treatment options can range from simple observation to spinal fusion surgery.
  • Between those extremes there are such modalities as scoliosis-specific exercise, spinal adjustments, traction therapy, and bracing.

The team at ScoliTech has the training and tools to make an accurate and thorough assessment of your scoliosis and then determine the precise treatment options needed to help relieve pain, slow progression, and improve posture