Treating Scoliosis with Casting

Casting can be effective in the treatment of scoliosis


There are instances when plaster casting is still used in the treatment of scoliosis.  This is especially the case in the treatment of young children.

When curves are large, are progressing rapidly and the patient is too young for spinal fusion surgery casting is sometimes employed. This is most often done with younger children, sometimes even infants.  Because young children grow very rapidly they will also outgrow the body casts used to prevent scoliosis progression.  They will usually need to be recast every 3 to 6 months and often will require general anesthesia for the procedure.  Casting is usually done as a stop-gap until such time as the child is old enough and skeletally mature enough for spinal fusion surgery.

  • Casting is usually used with young children whose curves are progressing rapidly but are too young for surgery.
  • Body casts usually have to be changed every 3 to 6 months.
  • Most often casting is used until the child is old enough for spinal fusion surgery.

Casting for scoliosis is not very common, but can be a viable option when the patient is too young for spinal fusion surgery and curves are large and/or rapidly progressive.  At ScoliTech we have had success in the use of bracing, even in cases where casting was recommended. Each case is unique and we work in cooperation with pediatric orthopedists to find the best solution for your child.

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