Treating Scoliosis with Exercise in Edina, MN

Improve your strength, stability, and flexibility


Exercises are critical for all patients with scoliosis because it is essential for them to maintain flexibility, but also to gain and maintain muscle strength and stability.

Just as it is important for all of us to stay strong, fit and flexible, it is even more important for people with scoliosis to do so.  Scoliosis always causes muscle imbalance and also lengthening of some ligaments and shortening of others.  In addition, scoliosis changes the way the brain communicates with the muscles that surround and protect the spine.  There are exercises specific to each scoliosis case that are designed to address the nervous system control, and  muscle strength and flexibility.  It should be noted that exercise alone has not been shown to correct or even prevent the progression of scoliosis.

  • Scoliosis creates muscle and ligament imbalances around the spine.
  • Every treatment program for scoliosis must address the unique strength, flexibility and neurological imbalances of the patient.
  • Exercise alone has not been shown to correct scoliosis or prevent curve progression.

At ScoliTech we incorporate and teach our scoliosis patients the specific exercises that are needed to create better movement, improved posture, and better treatment outcomes.

Correct the Curve

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