ScoliBrace™ Treatment in Edina, MN

How does the ScoliBrace™ work in scoliosis treatment?


ScoliBrace is an entirely new, conservative approach to the treatment of scoliosis in both children and adults. The brace is created for each individual using the latest in computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies.

The designers of ScolBrace realized that scoliosis is truly a 3-dimensional phenomenon.  As a consequence, they have spent decades formulating and refining a mathematical solution to scoliosis and building that solution into their bracing product.  Unlike traditional braces which only seek to hold the curves in place, ScoliBrace seeks to correct the curves to the greatest extent possible. This is especially important when dealing with adolescents who have tremendous potential for correction.

  • ScoliBrace uses the latest computer technology to put 3-dimensional corrective forces into scoliosis curves.
  • The brace is often able to reduce and sometimes correct scoliosis.
  • X-rays, photographs and 3-D laser scanning are used to create a custom, 3-dimensional solution to scoliosis.

ScoliTech is one of only a handful of clinics in the upper Midwest who offer ScoliBrace. We work in conjunction with an internationally renowned brace team at ScoliCare in Sydney, Australia, to provide our patients with the most effective, non-surgical solution to scoliosis.

Correct the Curve

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