What is Kyphosis?

As Explained by Chiropractors in Edina, MN


The term “kyphosis” simply describes the curvature of the mid and upper back when a person is seen from the side.  The term has also come to mean an abnormal or excessive rounding or “hunching” of the mid and upper back.

We have all seen images of the Hunchback of Notre Dame or other such images.  While such images are of fictitious characters, kyphosis is a very real phenomenon and affects a lot of people. When the upper back gets rounded it forces the upper body and head to bend forward which then puts tremendous strain on the muscles and ligaments of the spine.  As time goes on kyphosis tends to worsen and can result in chronic pain and a host of other health problems like breathing difficulties, weakness and numbness in the arms and more.

  • Kyphosis is an abnormal rounding of the mid and upper back causing a hunching posture.
  • The normal curve in the mid back is around 44 degrees.
  • Once a mid back curve exceeds 60 degrees it tends to progress with age.
  • Kyphosis is often associated with upper back pain, neck pain, arm numbness and weakness, and breathing difficulties.

Kyphosis is a very common condition, and it is becoming even more common because of the prevalence of sitting in front of computers and the use of cell phones.  There are significant health risks associated with kyphosis, but there is much that can be done to improve the condition and prevent its progression.

X-ray of patient
Patient with Kyphosis

Correct the Curve

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