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Consequences of Leaving Scoliosis Untreated


The plain fact is that scoliosis from whatever cause and arising at any age will tend to progress over time. It is also true that providing appropriate care to scoliosis patients can reduce symptoms, improve posture, slow progression, and improve curvatures.

When the spine of a child with scoliosis is maturing it has a high potential for improvement, but it also has a high risk of progression.  Leaving scoliosis untreated in a child can have dire consequences because progression can rapidly progress to the point of requiring surgery.  In adults the mechanisms are different because the spine is already fully formed.  What happens is that the spine begins to degenerate and then, progressively, the curves worsen, which then accelerates the degeneration.

Scoliosis treatment consultation, x-rays and brace
  • Research clearly demonstrates that scoliosis worsens with time.
  • Children with scoliosis can worsen rapidly without appropriate treatment.
  • Adults with scoliosis also worsen due to degenerative processes in the spine.
  • The period of greatest risk of scoliosis progression is 10-12 in girls and 11-13 in boys.

Because scoliosis worsens with age and appropriate treatment can slow or stop progression, it is critical to intervene as early as possible.  Early intervention can prevent a lifetime of pain, postural deterioration, and loss of function.

Correct the Curve

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