Scoliosis Screening in Edina, MN

How to Detect Scoliosis


Sometimes scoliosis is very easy to detect; you see obvious alterations in a person’s posture.  There are other occasions where detecting the presence and magnitude of scoliosis can be very challenging.  As with other spinal deformities, scoliosis leaves physical clues.

When a person has scoliosis they will exhibit particular changes in posture because curves, especially bigger ones, cause shifting, bending and twisting of the spine.  The twisting is what creates the rib hump that is often seen with more severe curves. Once you suspect a scoliosis there are tests that should be done to determine the cause, location and magnitude of the curve or curves.  A person can have multiple curves.  X-ray analysis is essential for proper evaluation of scoliosis.

  • Scoliosis leaves physical clues in posture.
  • A rib hump, high shoulder, high hip, uneven waist line are some of the key postural markers.
  • Testing should be done to rule out other underlying health problems in all scoliosis cases.
  • X-ray analysis is an essential tool in scoliosis detection.

When you suspect that you or someone you know has scoliosis it is essential to have a proper evaluation.  Early detection and treatment can make a significant difference in long-term outcomes for people with scoliosis.

Correct the Curve

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