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Scoliosis Is Not Just For Kids


There is one other broad category of scoliosis that warrants its own special explanation. There is a form of scoliosis known as “Adult Degenerative Scoliosis”. This is a form of scoliosis that happens in an adult who never had it as a child and who, because of degeneration occurring in their spine, now develops scoliosis.

As people age they become progressively more likely to develop degeneration in their spines.  The degeneration then can cause segments of the spine to start to slip and tilt in relation to one another.  When time is added to this equation adults can begin to develop scoliosis which usually worsens over time. This becomes a dwindling spiral as degeneration causes scoliosis and scoliosis causes even more rapid degeneration.

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  • Scoliosis is also common in adults who never had it in childhood.
  • Progressive degeneration of the spine with aging can cause this type of scoliosis.
  • As people age degeneration causes curves to worsen which then accelerates degeneration.

At ScoliTech we care for as many adults as we do children. Some of these adults had scoliosis in their formative years, but many did not.  Older adults, even those with advanced degeneration, can see dramatic improvements in pain levels, posture, and spinal deformity.

Correct the Curve

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