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Scoliosis is a condition that affects both children and adults, and tends to progress with age.  The traditional approach to scoliosis treatment ranges from “watching and waiting” to doing invasive surgical procedures.  ScoliTech is a Twin Cities company that provides a range of non-surgical solutions that have been proven to dramatically slow the rate of curve progression and can, in some cases, even correct scoliosis.

We know that being diagnosed with scoliosis can be frightening for adults, children and their parents.  We bring hope to our patients and their families by providing understandable and non-invasive solutions to scoliosis.

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There is almost nothing more important than having health and vitality throughout one’s life.  Scoliosis can cause chronic pain and progressive loss of function.  Our goal at ScoliTech is to do all that we can to not only prevent a loss of function, but to return our patients to the life activities that they most enjoy and allow them to perform at their very best.

We use the latest advances in scoliosis analysis to quantify curves and to craft custom solutions to scoliosis and other spinal deformities.  Using a combination of scoliosis-specific exercises, mirror-image chiropractic spinal adjustments, advanced traction therapies, and sometimes bracing we enable our patients to feel better, stay healthier and express the vitality that they deserve.

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Scoliosis Bracing Technology

3D Custom-designed Braces for Children and Adults


When the spinal curves associated with scoliosis are of greater magnitude, are at risk of progressing rapidly, or are causing pain and postural deformity bracing is often the best and only option.  Under these circumstances, exercise-based therapies and even traditional chiropractic care may not be enough to stem the tide of curve progression and pain.

Bracing has been utilized for decades, mostly with mixed results.  Earlier brace technologies failed to appreciate and encompass the true 3-dimensional nature of the deformity.  In addition, almost all bracing has sought to simply hold a curve in place without offering even the possibility of improvement, let alone correction.

ScoliTech now offers the latest in scoliosis bracing.  Using state-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing technology we provide custom 3-dimensional brace solutions to scoliosis that seek to not only hold the curves in place, but also to reduce and sometimes correct them. We are thrilled to be one of only a handful of clinics in the upper Midwest who are making this product available to our patients.

Past Patient Testimonials

Read From Our Happy Patients

“My wife and I were very thankfully to have found the ScoliBrace and for our daughter to be under Dr. Fargo’s care. An untold number of positive experiences were gained by having a brace that could be removed when needed and this brace allowed our daughter to grow and strengthen, all while being properly supported, while we awaited further surgical intervention. ”


– AJ Lindell

“I am an 81-year-old female patient of Dr. Tm Fargo. My chiropractor, Dr Russell DesMarais, referred me to him because of severe scoliosis. After X-rays and examination, Dr Fargo recommended and fitted me for a Scoli-Brace, which I have worn since October of 2018. After just 8 weeks of wearing it 6-8 hours per day, it improved my posture and also slightly improved the curvature, even though that was never anticipated.”


– Millie Adams Dosh

“Two years ago, Dr. Fargo noticed that I had developed Scoliosis and Kyphosis and measured me for a ScoliBrace, which he tailored to a perfect fit and which I have worn faithfully with surprisingly good results. Against all expectations, he not only arrested the increase in curvature, but actually reversed some of the curve. People have asked me if I have less pain. Thanks to Dr. Fargo, he caught it before I was in pain. With his attentive, intuitive care, I am living well in my 72-year old body…”


– Marilyn S.

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